yew tree st johns stjohns11 tnst johns church lockerley stjohns07 tnWelcome to Lockerley's Church. Churches are more than just stones and tiles, mortar and woodwork. They are the present as well as the history and, in them, but not exclusive to them, is the presence and peace of God.
Churches are composed of people and people have a past, but they live in the present, whilst looking to the future. The church is a place where you can think and pray about your past, your present, and your future. This church, as a worshipping community, and as a building, was here yesterday, is here today, and God willing, will be here tomorrow. There has been a church in Lockerley since well before 1066.
aerial view 1950 stjohns19 tnst john's 2006 stjohns23 tnThe present church is “new”, in that it was built in 1889. It is handsome and admired by drivers on the road, walkers on the downs and train passengers. It’s also a sign of peace around us, and we are sure there are many who value greatly the presence of St John’s church in the community, whether or not they are regular worshippers. The seasons of the year such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival are marked by special church services and the landmarks of our own lives - Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals – are all celebrated in church. Click on this link  for up to date information on services and church event.