stjohns 1830 02 tnSo, St John’s church has always been there to support the people of Lockerley and now the people are asked to support the church. We receive no funding from Government or the central bodies of the Church of England. Times are changing and costs continue to rise: last year the cost of the church maintenance and vicar in Lockerley was £23 000. Many who are not regular churchgoers support the church in ways such as event organising and churchyard maintenance. st johns 2009 stjohns24 tn

You are warmly invited to join the “Friends of St John’s Lockerley” and to subscribe a minimum of £10 per year towards maintaining the church. You will not be asked to take on any responsibilities, unless, of course, you want to. If you are a tax payer then the parochial church council (PCC) can reclaim the tax you have paid – it is worth currently 28 pence in each pound donated. To learn more contact Andy Holton, contact 017 94 34 09 93. What’s in it for you? There is a number of benefits such as the regular newsletters and updates on church events, but the most important is to secure the vital contribution the church makes to you in the village.