ligouri olive 01tnLigouri's Pizza is a mobile truly wood fired pizza experience.  The van, and its wood fired oven, visits Lockerley on Lockerley's main green (outside the shop) every Wednesday evening from 1730 thru' to 2000. If you want something special - a pizza  service for your party or special event - you can call them on 07818 27 75 07.

There are two ranges of pizza.  The classic range of pizze (the italian plural of pizza) headed up by Marguerita (historically the original thin crust pizza devised by Queen Marguerita of the Kingdom of Naples Italy in 1730) with modern variants of Hawaiian, Royale, Pepperoni and Spanish.  The specials board includes a range of Meaty, Fishy and Veggie variants whose ingredients change every three weeks.  Extra toppings no problem.  Soft drinks also to hand.  Oh ... and in two sizes of 20cm and 30cm both served in boxes for take away convenience.

If you want to follow the van then they're at Woodfalls near Downton on Tuesdays and at the Royal Oak Fritham on Thursdays and at Nomansland (at the cattle grid) every Friday from around 6pm through to 8pm.

The Menu

 Classic Pizza For 8” size For 12” size
Margherita, the cheese, tomato original £5.50 £8.50
Hawaiian, with cheese, ham, pineapple £6.00 £9.00
Royale, a classic ham, cheese, mushrooms, olives £6.50 £9.50
Pepperoni, cheese, pepperoni £6.00 £9.00
Spanish, mix of peppers, chorizo, jalapenos £6.50 £9.50
Special board (this is just a sample )    
Meaty : Ham, pepperoni, chilli beef, chicken £7.00 £11.00
Fishy : smoked salmon, crème fraîche, dill, capers £7.00 £11.00
Veggie : Cherry tomato, onions, spinach, artichoke, goat cheese £7.00 £11.00
Extra toppings ... from any menu 50p £1.00


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