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The Lockerley and East Dean Memorial Hall - to use its full name - is located next to  hall01 tnhall05 tnLockerley school on Butts Green - SO51 0JG.  Built in the early 1900s it has been added onto significantly since.  The Annex is a more recent addition and it is the fully carpeted room which is also the room used for the Coffee Shop.  The Reading Room is used by the out reach Post Office when the Coffee Shop is open. In the late 1990s a whole youth wing was added with the intention that it would provide a centre for youth of Lockrley but perhaps the internet age interrupted this aim a little and it sees use as the centre for the Acorn pre-schol group.
If you would like to hire the hall or any of its rooms or items such as tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery please read the entries under the Hall menu and cuse the Contact Hall Booking form.
For other enquires and suggestions for the improvement of the hall and its facilities contact the Hall Secretary using the form below.

hall04 tnhall06 tnThe hall carries two plaques which commemorate events in the two world wars that took palce in the 1900s.  One plaque to the side of the annex notes those of the village who fell in the first world war - aka The Great War.  A simple stone paviar is set into the ground of the entrance to the hall and this commemorates the Victoria Cross of Frederick Luke. 

defibrillator 01tnAlso, installed in the entrance to the front door of the hall is Lockerley's defibrilator.  Instructions for its use are set out on an adjacent panel.


The Village Hall Kitchen

The kitchen was refurbished extensively in 2011 with the aid of a grant from Viridor Environment and it is fully equipped to modern hygienic standards. The dishwasher has a 2 minute (120 second) cycle.  Full instructions for its use, and of the other equipment, is placed in the kitchen.  Hirers and users should bring to the notice of the Hall Secretary any defect or maintenance issue as soon as possible.  Many of the apparatus are subject to regular maintenance contracts and these, in turn, depend on the appliances being correctly used, cleaned and maintained and users are well advised to note the contents.