LMS Notes for 2015

LMS in 2015

December 2015

A quick newsletter this month to give notice of two imminent events. On Saturday there is a tool sale at Globe Gallery in Andover.  Phil advises that they do house clearances and have  quantity of good mechanical and engineering tools. Globe Gallery is behind the Globe pub in the High Street. Colin has arranged a visit to the Burseldon Brickworks, where a friend is working on the retubing of an Aveling and Porter roller. If you have never been there the brickworks is now an industrial museum (with refreshments,) and well worth a look. The visit is on next Wednesday the 16th, meet on Butts Green at 1030.
Chris advises that the Mottisfont pump is progressing and is now resplendent with a fresh coat of silver paint. Our listing on the Lockerley village website has had an interesting result. I had a phone call from Chris Arrowsmith in the midlands who has a rare and early traction engine, an 1882 McLaren which worked at Lockerley Hall estate until 1963. He would like to know any more which can be learned about its history. As 1963 is within living memory a couple of lines of enquiry were suggested and will be followed.  John Niblett has a leg vice surplus to requirements, contact him if you can make use of it. I could use some garage space for the grey Morris, for the winter months at least. Do you know of any, or are your neighbours heading south for the winter?  Next hall meeting is on the 4th of January at 1100.

October 2015

At the October hall meeting Chris gave us the good news that he and volunteers had replaced the door of the Mottisfont pump house to allow viewing and had removed several decades accumulation of muck. Next job is to clean and paint the pump. We discussed possible future projects including lighting powered by the flow of water.
Next LMS visit is to the East Somerset Railway on Wednesday the 28th of October, this being their last day in steam before Christmas. Phil has arranged for us to be given a guided tour of the workshops, subject to a small donation. Colin has his bus available with seven seats, takers so far being me, Phil, Glenn, Peter and both Johns. That leaves one place (first come first served, mail me) and we can add a car if necessary. Meet on Butts Green at 0900.  A further visit is planned to the Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham on Sunday the 15th of November and again Colin is kindly making his bus available. Departure details next month.

September 2015

Numbers were down a little at this month's meeting but we still welcomed one new member, Marv from Mottisfont, who tunes A series engines, a subject dear to several of our members. Chris Fursey advised that we can make a start with the Mottisfont pump project, so if you would like to be involved contact Chris.  Glenn brought this month's mystery object which he had dug up in his daughter's garden. Several members identified it as a broken tine from a mechanical cutter of the Allen type. Sorry Glenn, not quite mysterious enough!
Last Sunday Glenn and I displayed classic cars at Demfest at Ampfield, an event at which organisations involved with older people were represented. One such was the Men's Shed Association, a practical based organisation for project work activities,  learning and pooling knowledge and interests. A local branch has opened in Andover. They have the benefit that as a formally constituted organisation they are able to obtain public funding and even the use of premises. See their website http://menssheds.org.uk/for more details and let me know what you think about possible involvement or affiliation. We can discuss this at the October meeting, or email me if you cannot attend.
There is a time ahead. Longstock vintage working is on both days, while Saturday sees Sarum air show which includes a Vulcan and a Spitfire. The Cuckoo pub at Landford hosts a beer festival on Sunday. Our next LMS visit should be to the East Somerset Railway, subject to identifying a day with suitable activities.  Lunch at the Hatchet at Sherfield English is on Monday the 14th, meet from 1230 for 1300. The next hall meeting is on Monday the 5th of October at 11.00.

August 2015

Last month's visit to the Haynes museum near Yeovil met with a good response. Colin's bus was filled plus a car. The museum has been extended and now has much more on display, even a sectioned Petter Diesel engine of which more anon. The August hall meeting was well attended and we welcomed two new members, Alec Sheppard and Robert McCann. Barry provided the mystery object, a Great Western Railway brass case for fog detonators. You wouldn't want them going off in your pocket!
We discussed a lunch and settled on the 14th of September at the Hatchet at Sherfield English. Phil will book this as he is a regular there. Chris advised that we are still waiting for the go ahead to fix the door at Mottisfont.  Several items are currently available which might be of interest. Ian Musson has a Land Rover engine, needing oil seals and possibly valves. Phil Jones has a complete Land Rover, an unfinished project example of the military Airportable model. Alec Sheppard has a unimat lathe and also a set of imperial micrometers up to 12 inches. There is also a caravan 4 stud spare wheel with a 155 x 13 tyre, but unfortunately your secretary neglected to note who offered this item so send a group mail if you want it.
Some dates for your diaries, Popham motorcycle meeting is next Sunday, the 16th. Wallop Vintage Gathering is on the 30th of August and the Dorset Steam Fair is from the 2-6th of September.

For those of you who have been following my dumper project there is some sad news. Even with the acquisition of a second example for parts there are not enough good bits between the two to complete one. As I have spent nearly six months on this, battling some extreme corrosion in the process, this is a bit of a disappointment but I shall hang on to it for now pending either renewed enthusiasm, a fresh supply of parts or a rise in the price of scrap metal. Nothing daunted I have instead taken on a 250 MZ motorcycle, plus another for spares. Early impressions are good with seemingly a very low miles engine. No doubt there will be plenty to do, has anyone got MZ parts?

June 2015

Last month I mentioned the open day at the Dunsfold Land Rover collection near Godalming and the possibility of a visit. The open day is in fact next Sunday the14th, short notice I'm afraid but these don't happen very often and Dunsfold are possibly the UKs most important Land Rover specialists. Ian Musson has offered places in his seven seater Land Rover, it would be a shame to turn up in anything else wouldn't it? See their website for more details.  http://www.dunsfoldcollection.co.uk/
Lockerley Fete is on the 27th at the Glebe Field and will include a display of classic vehicles so be sure to bring yours and tell your friends. Assemble at 12.30 to avoid the procession. We are also providing Sid and Sally, the sign figures.  There is no news yet on the Mottisfont pump as the Trust are still considering the method statement for what might be done.  There are two further visits in the pipeline. Peter Batten is to set a date for a visit to the Haynes Motor Museum near Yeovil, possibly during July. Phil Jones recommends the East Somerset Railway, perhaps after the holidays.
Of course Dunsfold has also found fame (notoriety?) as home for Top Gear's tyre squealing exploits. With the presenters away but the BBC still possessing the name there have been all sorts of suggestions as to what they might call themselves in future. Favourite seems to be 'Gear Knobs'!

May 2015

We have further considered the question of holding our hall meetings more frequently, but without any clear preferences expressed. In the meantime the possible mornings coinciding with the availability of coffee have been mostly booked by other local groups, so we have decided to keep things as they are for now. Don't forget we also gather at the Star at East Tytherley on Tuesday evenings from 2100.  
East Tytherley Heritage Festival takes place on the 4th and 5th of July and has a World War Two theme. LMS will be exhibiting our model of the Lockerley Army camp railway and any other artefacts of the period, or of local or military history, will be much appreciated if you can lend them.
Peter advises that the Haynes Motor Museum near Yeovil is now open again following recent work and he will arrange a visit. In addition Ian Musson is looking into the possibility of a visit to Dunsfold, home of one of the UKs leading Land Rover specialists with a remarkable collection and possible open days.
I promised updates on my dumper truck project but having been unwell, followed by the need to service the Morris Minors and get one ready for the MOT, means little recent progress. I had largely dismantled it and costed the necessary parts which considerably exceeded the modest value of such a vehicle. The only answer was to find another for spares, and there are always a few on fleabay. I found one near Aylesbury and John, Glenn,Peter and I had an interesting day out retrieving it with a borrowed trailer. Thank you gentlemen. This seems to provide most of what I need, the downside being another dismantling marathon and more stuff, currently two chassis, two buckets, two engines, four axles, eight wheels....   Sorry neighbours!

April 2015

This month for a change I am writing the newsletter in two parts. For one thing it is longer than usual, but most urgently there is a meeting for those wishing to be involved with the Mottisfont pump project. Howard Brisland from Mottisfont visited our last hall meeting with an update. A screen door has been made to secure but allow viewing of the pump. LMS will participate in fitting the door, removing accumulated muck and cleaning and assessing the pump. In the longer term it is hoped to restore the pump to working order but this is dependant on environmental and conservation factors which may be problematic. A sign will explain the history and operation of the pump for visitors. Meet at the Mottisfont Abbey farmyard on Thursday the 16th at 1400. [Ed ... this meeting took place but it was attended by only two of the group].
In addition the May meeting date has been altered. Originally moved from the first Monday because of the bank holiday it has also fallen foul of the election so we will now meet on the second Monday, the 11 th of May. A few more matters remain outstanding following my earlier mail. We discussed a possible canal visit. Glenn suggested boats available from Godalming but these involve renting the vessel and cost £25 a head. Phil mentioned the Wey and Arun canal which also has craft available. No decision has been taken.
Tim Down advises that a second meeting each month would be feasible but another group has now booked the hall for Thursdays so we would need to be on Mondays only. There has been a suggestion that we might invite speakers, any thoughts on that anyone? David, Martin and I had offered to help with the hall sliding door but have not set a date. Mike - as we are dependant on you as key holder might I suggest you pick a convenient time and date? Two dates for your diaries, Monday the 4th is Wings and Wheels day at Popham, and Awbridge fete is on Saturday the 9th including a display of classic vehicles.

January New Year 2015 welcome

At this month's meeting we had a record attendance, 23 of us including two new and very welcome members, Tim Down and Martin Stratton.
We discussed possible future visits. Barry advised that the Eastleigh railway workshop is now able to take small parties of visitors, mainly on Saturdays. He will see if he can book a visit for us. We had also intended to visit the Haynes Motor Museum near Yeovil. Peter has checked their website and says their new display will not be ready until the spring.
Don't forget we have a lunch arranged. See you at The Malthouse, Timsbury on Monday the 19th from 12.30.
Ivan asked if anyone has used Camac tyres, and if so, would they recommend them. Ivan is considering a set for his series 1 Landrover. His email address is included in the list above if you can advise.
I promised reports on the Benford dumper project but progress has been slow with Christmas, rusty nuts and frozen fingers all slowing things down. I have removed the axle and gearbox. I soaked the seized box in oil and on the bench I have managed to get it turning, with much grumbling noise and huge play in the bearings. Less promisingly there is no sign of movement from the sliding dogs or selectors. I also removed the bodywork, not that there is much on a dumper. All the panels are rusty but while some were rusted on and had to be ground away, others could be wrenched off with bare hands, which is rather gratifying in a hooligan sort of way.  Here are some images of the item with which Ian has started work: