Notes of our meetings, outings and other works in 2018

December 2018

At the last hall meeting we examined a mystery object produced by John Edwards. The ITA label gave it away and it was a piece of broadcasting equipment. Tony brought in some spare extenders for allen keys or tommy bars which found appreciative homes. We discussed a suggestion that we might have our news included in the monthly Lockerley parish newsletter. It was felt that our activities were probably of limited interest and also that regular users are asked to contribute to the printing costs and of course we do not hold funds as such. We considered having a group lunch but decided to postpone it until after the Christmas rush. Tim Down has a friend seeking technical info on his tractor, if anyone can help, he wonderd if the Mechanicals could help a friend of mine who's after some very specific information. He needs help tracking down a spare parts / exploded view drawing of a 1978 Harvester International 784 4 wheel drive tractor RH front hub. "I have one for repair and I think there are bits missing and can't find a drawing online." Any help would be very much appreciated. I have scribbled a note on my pad about bells and World War 1 but the details of this have slipped my mind, can anyone remind us? Sorry about that. Ian Musson is planning to sell his long truck bodied Land Rover. With a V8 engine and extended chassis ‘she is truly a remarkable beast’ as the old joke goes. Full details next month. The rail group meet on Monday the 17th and the next full meeting is on the 7th of January, both 11.00 at the village hall.

November 2018

We had an enjoyable visit to the annual London to Brighton veteran car run, observing them at Staplefield in Sussex, a pleasant village with two pubs. Such early vehicles are all pretty extraordinary but a Stanley steam car climbing a hill is quite a sight. At last Monday’s Hall meeting we discussed perhaps using the 0 gauge railway for a display under the Christmas tree at Mottisfont. A demountable baseboard was considered and a lively discussion ensued. Ian Musson would like to find a good home for a Perkins diesel engine which has an interesting history. When Ian was a young engineering student he picked up an old Perkins Wolf diesel engine which he stripped and rebuilt as a project. He then used it in an ex army Humber heavy utility and it later powered a generator during the three day week. In 1980 Perkins sought their earliest surviving engine and his from 1934 with serial no 84 was the earliest. Perkins exchanged the Wolf for a new 4.203 for Land Rover fitting which powered his Landy for many years. He has a copy of the Perkins newspaper describing the search and exchange of engines. The engine is obviously suited for installation in a Land Rover but the Perkins 4.203 was widely used and may also be of interest for boats or agricultural machinery. The rail group meets on the 19th Nov and the next full meeting is on the 3rd December both at the hall at 1100.

October 2018

The October meeting had fewer members present than usual but we still welcomed a new member, Martin Ward. James Pitkin had advised that we might be eligible for funding available for social groups for older people. The disadvantage would be bureaucracy and accounting and a general feeling that there are probably more deserving recipients for charity than us. John advised that the idea of running the 0 gauge railway in his son’s sport centre has been shelved so the equipment is in storage until someone comes up with another idea. Following the LMS assisted installation of a replacement organ at East Dean church the old instrument is for disposal. It is a Viscount CL40, an electric two manual organ with pedal frame and bench seat. Most of the notes work but unfortunately not all of them, which is always preferable especially in a church. If you would like a free project organ contact Nicky or Tony Bell on 017 94 34 12 28 or email as above. Ian Musson 017 94 34 17 91 has for disposal a large hydraulic press, more than enough for pressing bearings into motorcycle crankcases. The annual London to Brighton veteran car run is on Sunday the 4th of November and we are planning a visit in Colin’s bus. Meet on Butts Green at 0900. 


September 2018

After a record hot dry summer sadly two of our rare wet days in August scuppered popular local events, Popham motorcycles and, two weeks later, Wallop Vintage. Ah well. At Monday’s hall meeting we had more mystery objects than usual to mull over, and one which defeated us. We examined a clockwork car indicator, a tiny steam engine, a party seven beer dispenser and a device which screwed two cylinders together and may have been an adjustable capacitor or resistor, but no one knew for sure. John Niblett produced a box of O gauge model railway pieces including a locomotive by Lima and track by Peco. This had belonged to the late David Dutton of Awbridge garden railway fame and his widow passed it to John. We discussed its possibilities, perhaps making a portable outdoor layout for display at local fetes and the like. We will discuss it further next month. Glenn confirmed that the books and other items left over from the sale stall at the model exhibition have been donated to Dogs Trust, who have a charity shop at Marlborough. The village hall management committee is short handed and volunteers are sought, particularly from groups who use the hall. Longstock Vintage Working takes place this weekend, the 8th and 9th with period vehicles, machinery and ploughing. It is on the road from Stockbridge to Danebury. On Sunday the 9th we are visiting the rail museum at Swindon . In addition to their usual exhibits there is also a model railway show. Colin is picking up with his bus from Lockerley shop at 9.30. (so510jn) If you want to do both you will need to go to Longstock on the Saturday. On Saturday the 22nd the Alan Keef railway workshop near Gloucester is having an open day. We have been before and very interesting it is too. Colin and his bus are not available, so Phil is taking his car and if there are enough takers we may need a second one. The rail group meet at the hall on the 17th and the October full meeting is on the first.

August 2018

July 2018

At this month’s hall meeting yours truly provided the mystery object and there was much sympathy, it being half of the broken gearbox mainshaft from my old Land Rover. No, I haven’t got it back together yet but I’m working on it. Ian Musson has back trouble but also needs to sort out his sizeable collection of stuff, sorry I mean historical artefacts. This will involve quite a bit of handling so a pool of volunteers has been formed, currently Glenn, JohnP, Peter, me, Mike, Phil, John N and Nick, or as many as are available when required. Get well soon Ian. We discussed a possible visit and Amberley was suggested, an interesting visit when we went some years ago and it would be better still if we could pick a day when they have machinery in operation. Also Land Rover have an interesting heritage division which restores early vehicles and is open for visits. The only snags are that it is quite expensive and at Solihull, 120 miles away. See their website Broughton pageant of transport is on Sunday the 17th and well worth a visit. I’m taking the grey Morris. It’s easy to find being in a field off the main road through the village, and well signed. The rail group meet at the hall on Monday the 16th at 11.00, followed by lunch at the Hatchet at Sherfield from 12.30 for 1.00.

June 2018

Numbers were down a little at this month’s hall meeting but we still welcomed a new member, John Palk, and the return of Ron Blizzard. We’re all wishing you a good recovery Ron. We decided to postpone the lunch from this month and the new date is yet to be decided. I have received a letter from the hall committee thanking us for our donation following the model show. The hall committee urgently need new members if anyone would like to volunteer. Colin advised that he is looking into the possibility of some premises which we might be able to take on under the ‘Men and Sheds’ scheme which we discussed last year. Early days yet but watch this space. Dates for your diaries; Colin’s car run is on Sunday the 10th, see his following email for details. On the 17th we are due to visit the Glos & Warks Railway, when they are having a joint cars and trains event. Departure details to be advised. Romsey model rail show is on the 23rd and 24th of June at the Crossfield Hall, don’t miss the back room! Lockerley fete is on the 30th of June, my goodness isn’t June a hectic month! The LMS rail group meet at the hall on the 18th at 1100 and the next full meeting is on the 2nd of July at 1100. Broughton Pageant is on the 15th of July and exhibitors are asked to book (free) in advance. See the following email. It was good last year.

May 2018

At the hall meeting on Monday it was confirmed that the model show raised £523.70 which will be donated to village hall funds.
This weekend the Salisbury model rail exhibition is at the Michael Herbert Hall in South Street, Wilton, Sat and Sun, 10.30 - 4.30. Phil is going on Sunday and is offering lifts from Lockerley, call him on 01794 388599 if interested.
The rail group meet at the hall on Monday the 21st at 11.00. Next full meeting is on the 4th of June at 11.00 following which we shall adjourn to the Hatchet at Sherfield for lunch.
West Dean fete is on Saturday the 2nd of June and we are invited to display some classic vehicles. I won’t be able to go but I hope some of you can show the flag for LMS.
Mike Boulter is looking for a new home for his 1952 Velocette LE motorcycle, the famous ‘Noddy bike’. It has been largely restored and requires only minor work to finish.

April 2018

Arrangements are coming together for the Lockerley Model Show, to be held in the village hall on the 28th and 29th of this month, setting up on the Friday. The hall is booked, the coffee shop will be open for business, John has arranged mentions in local journals and Peter’s excellent posters have been distributed. Now we need to decide which treasures we are going to bring and how to display them. Also there is to be a stall of items for sale which Glenn’s daughter Rhea will be running, so time to think what you have for disposal, preferably items of a model, transport or mechanical nature. (But not exclusively so.) In addition there will be a get together at Glenn’s house tomorrow (Monday) to put some finishing touches to the railway layouts. Meet at Glenn’s at 11.00. The rail group will be meeting at the village hall on the 23rd at 11.00. We are spoiled for choice on the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th of May when they are steaming at the Twyford pumping station near Winchester. On the Monday (May day)it is cars, planes and jumble at Popham. West Dean fete is on the 2nd of June and Broughton pageant is on the 15th of July. There doesn’t seem to be an Awbridge fete this year. We are still intending to visit the Glos and Warks railway although no date has yet been set.

March 2018

At this month’s meetings we continued with the arrangements for the model exhibition on the 28th and 29th of April. John has arranged advertising and Glenn will have leaflets printed for delivery with the April village newsletter. Funds raised will go to the village hall as the heating is due for improvement. Ian Musson showed an old military railway lamp and Phil explained how its various movements were used to signal to train crews. A box of old books found good homes. We discussed the new and increased requirements of data protection, since LMS holds email addresses. The new rules have an exemption for data held for private domestic and social purposes and I believe we are covered by this since LMS is not a body with any formal constitution. I would emphasise that your email addresses are held only for use for LMS related communications and nothing else. Those Russian ladies who would love to meet you are nothing to do with me! With the coming of spring the annual round of events starts again, as follows; 8th April, Daffodil Run with vintage cars passing through Stockbridge during the morning. 6&7 May Twyford Water Works have their restored engine in steam. 7 May is also cars, planes and autojumble at Popham. 2 June is West Dean fete. We are also planning a visit to the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway which runs from near Cheltenham to Broadway. They are running events through the year and Phil will identify one for us, when the weather gets a bit warmer. One of the model layouts for the show requires fresh ballast and Glenn suggested Monday the 26th of March. Meet at the village hall coffee shop at 11.00 then adjourn to Glenn’s where the layout is stored. 

February 2018

January 2018

Last Monday’s hall meeting was well attended and lively discussion ensued.Ian Musson brought a small acetylene lamp which he explained was for use by miners, but of course only in mines with no risk of flammable gas. Several artefacts needed new homes and Glenn took home a 120 volt worklamp. Phil brought a bench grinder and Barry some Mamod steam engines needing work but there were no takers for these. Contact Phil or Barry if you’re interested. The rail group meet at the hall on Monday the 15th at 11.00 and after I have booked us lunch at the Hatchet at Sherfield English. They have a pensioners lunch at £7 which seems very reasonable. This will be a chance to say farewell to Ed Buttfield, one of the LMS founders who is moving shortly. The rail meeting follows the main meeting more closely than usual because of the bank holiday.