Parish Council

council mtg 01 tnParish Council meetings are normally held at 1930 in the Parish Room, Romsey Road, Lockerley (just along from the church) on Monday evenings. All parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings.  Those attending are not usually accorded the privilege of contributing or debating with in a meeting unless so invited.  A parishioner is simply someone who lives within the parish and it does not signify or require adherence to any faith. Voting rights with respect to the Parish Council are simply determined by appearance on the Electoral Roll and this is maintained by TVBC and thus Hampshire County Council. Do look out for the occasional extraordinary meeting which may be advertised in parish notices.  The Parish Council should not be confused with the ecclesiastical institution called the Parish Church Council; they are separate entities with distinct plebiscites.

In addition to their general role as councillors the elected members of the Parish Council are allotted specific resposnibilities - for example, foot paths, hedgerows and ditches, civil issues, comments on planning permissions, road markings and so on.  From time to time the Parish Council organises also events which reflect a community interest. The NALC model standing orders for councils can be read here (click for PDF document)

The Parish Council used to publish a newsletter about issues which have been tackled by the council over the past three months.  Minutes may be found under Hampshire County Council.

The  website admin does not have the meeting dates for  the current year