September 2018

There are two issues and options documents originating from the Testy Valley BC which have just been received by website admin and which may be of interest to parishioners.

Sadly I note that the date for responses to the first of these documents ended 14 September 2018. The consultation period for the second of these doucments en ded 5 August 2018.



From time to time there'll be some advice on this page relating to the responsibilities of burghers and of the need to be ever vigilant. Theft of heating oil is still a common act of outright larceny.

We praise the efforts of a dedicated team who regularly can be seen picking up litter from the roads and verges around the village.  Garbage that has, in all probability, been reckleesly thrown from a passing car including bottles, cans and fast food wrappers. A quick estimate suggests that over 120kg of garbage is collected each year. Not only is the rubbish unsightly but it acts to attract vermin and is a serious danger to cyclists and motorists.  Don't do it.

Lockerely has,unfortunately, witnessed fly tipping particularly near the entrrance to the scout hut and Glebe Field.  If you see a perpetrator try to gather their vehicle registration and report it at least to the parish council and if needs be the police and the Hampshire environment service.