The definitive map of footpaths is maintained by Hampshire County Council (2017).  They have a good section on their website dealing with footpaths generally Hampshire footpaths and rights of way,  A definitive map can be accessed from this link footpaths in Hampshire. This map has yet to show the effect of the re-establishemnt of the footpaths around the Dean Hill depot that were withdrawn in 1939.  There is a set of maps available to show where these paths run Dean Hill paths

Problems with rights of way - prpoety owners making access impossible or footpaths hopelessely overgrown and not maintained - can be reported report footpath problems.

Topics could include:

Footpaths dimensions PDF of footpath standards

Duty of landowner to maintain landowners and footpaths

Responsibilities of footpath users

Reporting unsafe stiles and other obstacles

Livestock in a field wher a footpath traverses