show10 11 tn show10 01 tnLockerley has held a new year show on many years over the past 25 years or more.  One of its early producers went on to be come a leading light in Romsey's RAODS group operating out of the old Plaza cinema. After a gap of perhaps more than nine years the show was revived in 2008 to support the Piggy Bank Fund - a group of persons involved in general fundraising who aimed to co-ordiante events through out the year. For the first revived show in 2008 a series of scenes based loosely on the theme of a Winter Fete was produced.  
In 2009 we ran Gripe and Prejudice - what happened to Darcy, Jane and all of the Bingham family after 25 years of blissful? marriage.  
The New Year Show 2010 took place on the 5th and 6th of February 2009 with a matinee on the afternoon of the 6th.  The show was loosely based on a murder mystery set somewhere around 1965 and that allowed us to base the plot lossely arounbd Lockerley's geopgraphy, to plunder a number of well known songs from musicalss and to set the costumes easily.  
show09 01 tnshepherd01 tnFuture New Year Shows await someone with the time to devote to directing and producing the show - there's no shortage of willing bodies for stage appearances and technicals but the direction ... that's what is needed.  If you would like to take the task on contact the web site admin using the form below and the wheels may begin turning