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scoutslogo02 tnscouts 01tnThe scouts groups have been running since 1952 when the first Lockerley scout and cubs group was formed. The group was able to acquire the land for a scout HQ - the full address is Dennis Wooton Hall, Donkey Paddock, Lockerley, SO51 0LW - and the parish council allow use of the adjacent field known as the Glebe field. The scout HQ was built in 1972 following a successful fund raising campaign. It is maintained by its members and funding is provided through local contributions of those taking part and from the national organisations. In 2013 the building is undergoing considerable refurbishment.  The Glebe field is frequently the host for camps throughout the year.  

scouts 02tnContact us with enquiries relating to the hire of the HQ and the field as well as queries about joining, fundraising, adult volunteering use the contact form for Sheridan O'Shea, for Brownies use the contact form for Chris Goodman and for the chair of the executive use the form for Phillip Scott.