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When using the contact form to take part in the scheme please provide the answers to the following questions:

  • Your surname and first name - the ones I will use when I talk with you.
  • Your full address including the PostCode.
  • Your email address - the one you prefer to be used for private communications - it should not be your business email.  It may differ from that you used to make this contact. 
  • Your land line telephone number and, optionally, your mobile number.  You do need to recall that there is no mobile coverage in much of rural UK.
  • Your oil tank location(s) and any information that is required to access it (them), unlock it (them), park the goats, gaggle the geese or constrain hounds &c and whether you need to be contacted in advance.
  • Do you require AGA additive - it adds about 2.5p/l to the cost of fuel. 
  • Optionally what is your tank size - this may prevent over ordering or may identify that you should check the level more urgently.