The Long and Short of it

A proposal exists to place a mobile phone mast and supporting electonics on Lockerley Green.  The letter sent to at least one of the green's residents sets this out here. The mast would be 20m high and would initially have three aerials and two dishes.  Two street cabinets would also be installed.  Details of fencing and security have not been noted.  The location is on a protected village green.  There are alternative sites which have been offered.  The photo sketch below is not strictly accurate but it does provide an outline of its possible appearance. 


Meetings of the parish at which parishioners were enabled to speak have been held on 2 March, 15 March and 29 March.  At the last meeting, 29 March, a series of issues were sent to the council chair in order that some reponse could be prepared. Further comments were sent a day later so that they too could be addressed by the chair of the parish council.

Summaries of the meetings, the points raised, their responses and resolutions have not been made by the council.

One of the outcomes of the general parish meeting of 29 March - at least 58 persons were present - was the decision to establish a working group of the parish council on the topic of mobile phone service. 

An update 15 April 2021

A parish meeting meeting of 12 April was convened - at least 33 persons were present - to progress this topic and the following key outcomes are noted:

#  Contact with the surveyors proposed at the parish meeting of 29 March 2021, BCM, has been made but a full reply to the queries posed to them is awaited.
#  Other companies who could offer advice in a similar vein could be contacted.
#  A sub committee has been set up reporting to the parish council comprising Tim Coomer (chair), Jane Waller (vice chair of the PC) and Maurice Hillier with three parishioners Peter Funnell, Liz Davies and Henry Boler.  Terms of reference and other details will be resolved at their first meeting on 20 April 2021 for which this is the agenda.  The meeting open to all but there will be no public forum.  The Zoom codes are Mtg ID 940 8290 9162  Passcode 805699.
#  Arrangements are being made to meet with the MP Caroline Noakes at the Lockerley Green site and a number of alternative sites. 
#  If a notice of Predetermined Planning is lodged as many parishioners as possible will be encouraged to write to the planning committee to make their feelings known.
#  Meetings of the subcommittee and of the parish council will be public but not provide a forum.

We encourage parishioners to attend - listen in - to all of these meetings as they affect all residents not just those on Lockerley Green.


lockgrn mobmast 01

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Who We are

The co-ordination of the responses to the proposal is being organised by Peter Funnell, Cled and Liz Davies and Allen Mornington-West. Comments about this project should be addressed to the mastgrn email address using the contact form on this page.