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Residents of Lockerley and the surrounding villages have wished, for some time, to have a reliable mobile phone service.  It is not always easy to determine the siting of a mast.  The visual aspect often conflicts with the need to achieve technical and service coverage targets.  The case of the recent proposal to place such a mast on Lockerley Green is just such an example. The proposal to place a 20m high phone mast on Lockerley Green caused a great deal of concern for local residents. The residents and the Parish Council have been very active in the subsequent process and have been working  with TVBC's planning department.  Below is a simple diary of events relating to the parish council whose meetings may relate to this issue as it develops.


Sunday 20 August 2021

An agenda for a parish council meeting scheduled for 20 September has been published and is available here.


It was noted on Thursday 5 August that the chair of Lockerley parish council  has resigned and this leaves the council with a vacancy.  An agenda for an extraordinary meeting has been published (click here). The meeting will be held in the village hall on 09 August 2021 at 1900.  inter alia  a new chair and vice chair need to be elected.  It is expected that the vacancy for a replacement councillor will be formally agreed at the meeting and it is expected that a request will be issued to prompt those who may be interested to forward their names.  

Thursday 8 July 2021

With repect to the parish council meeting on 5 July we note that the council voted to accept Peter Funnell's offer to be a councillor in place of David Jackson who had resigned.

Councillor Tim Coomer updated the Parish Council meeting held on the 5 July 2021 noting  that the alternative sites suggested to O2/GallifordTry for a phone mast have been referred to the mast planning team and Councillor Coomer will report back to the PC when he has further information. 


29 June 2021

The Parish Council has issued a notice of meeting and its agenda - click here - for 08 July 2021.  The meeting will be held in Lockerley village hall from 1930.  The topic of the continued establishment of the sub-committee is an agenda item. 

Saturday 12 June 2021

No further news to report though the TVBC planning applications may not be fully up to date.  The Lockerley Parish Council announces that there is a vacancy due to the resignation of one of the councillors.  If more than one volunteer is known the councillors themselves will select the replacement.  There is an option to force an election and that requires ten residents to apply for an election to the returning officer for TVBC  by  22 June 2021.

Earlier  ...

A reliable mobile service in the Lockerley area is still desirable and the group of Lockerley Green residents who were involved in the recent proposals recognise the value of continuing to keep abreast of the issue on behalf of all residents - the issue was never only about Lockerley Green. The group has agreed to support the continuation of the sub-committee and to keep a watching brief on developments so that residents can be kept informed through the email list and this website.

The annual parish council meeting was held on Thursday 6 May. Amongst other more usual actions it was reported to the parish council by the chair of the mast sub-committee that it would maintain a watching brief as there is still a need to have mobile services available in the area.

On Friday 7 May 2021 the TVBC planning team heard formally from Galliford Try that they would not be proceeding with an application for the Green and that they would be coming forward with an alternative site.  At least four sites have been identified for which a preliminary technical evaluation would seem to offer similar or better coverage. 

In the past

TVBC's planning department has responded to the pre-application enquiry from the mast company's legal team informing them that a mast of the size was proposed would not be supported in the suggested location and any application for it would be rejected. Thanks to Caroline Nokes MP, a meeting was held between representatives of Lockerley Parish Council, Lockerley's TVBC councillor, Ali Johnston and Nick Adams-King with a representative of O2 on Friday 23 April 2021. It was explained that there was very much an appetite for a phone mast in Lockerley, but that the current proposal was not the right location. Both Lockerley PC and TVBC expressed willingness to work with the mast company to find alternative sites which offer good coverage and which are acceptable to both parishioners and TVBC's planners. The representative from O2 agreed that given the planning concerns they would not be proceeding with an application for the current site and that they would work with the Parish Council to find an acceptable alternative one.

This is confirmed in a note of 3 May from O2's head of public affairs which also indicates that alternative locations will be discussed. Any service installation that may be proposed will affect residents other than those in Lockerley and the topic is thus of wider interest. 

A number of meetings of the Parish Council relating to this topic have been held. 

A simple photomontage of what the possible site might have looked like if it had been placed on Lockerley Green is shown below. It follows the specifications set out in drawings provided to four residents in February 2021.  

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This page will be maintained whilst a suitable site for mobile phone services for the area is researched; it will be a way of helping residents in Lockerley and surrounding areas to be informed.

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