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Welcome to the Lockerley website!  We hope you find the information helpful and interesting. Our community is active and diverseand it's the involvment of every member that makes the village a community - so we hope you will feel encouraged to take part!  

SARS CoV2, Covid-19, corona virus

We will post some further information about the resources that help the community to survive when it becomes available. The SARS CoV2 virus is highly contagious. Please wash your hands regularly and keep at least two metres from anyone in order to avoid physical contact.  This advice is still valid and will help to maintain your alertness of the risk of contagion.  Deliveries should be simply left at your front door. A useful reference from Hampshire County Council http://www.hampshiresab.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Safeguarding-adults-info-for-self-isolating-1.pdf also provides useful information.

The village shop has adjusted its opening hours to 0900 - 1700 daily with a priority for older persons from 0800.

The Thorngate Village Care group is able to help those who may be facing difficulties during self sequestration.  Their volunteers can assist with groceries, posting mail &c in addition to their usual help in providing transport to hospital or GP appointments, dentist or other health service.  Call 017 94 34 09 93.  You can read more about the care group here.

Cooked food deliveries from (at the time of writing) The Hatchet inn (017 94 32 24 87, pub favourite men items) with delivery if you are withn five miles of Sherfield English.  Take away food from the Black Horse Inn can be booked 017 94 34 03 08.

If you have a query or suggestion you can contact the admin for the Lockerley site  - the contact info is at the foot of this page

The content of this site is updated frequently with the publication of the monthly newsletter.  This is currently printed and provided free to each household in the villages of Lockerley, East Dean, West Tytherley and East Tytherley but it is also available here as a web friendly edition. Under the News tab you'll also be able to review the archive of past issues. 

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