Ownership and enfiefment from the dissolution of monasteries 1538 to the 19th century.  Mottisfont is strictly speaking an augustine priory.  It gained the description of monastery in the 18th century as it was seen as una bella figura way of uptalking the property.

mottisfont10 tnHenry VIII dissolved the monastaries in 1538 and granted the manor to Francis Dawtry. The history is once again murky because a certain Thomas Jeay died in 1626 leaving Lockerley manor to his son Stephen and yet it seems that Dawtry's nephew, George Thorpe, sold it to a Richard Zouche (a jurist born in Anstey in 1590 and died 1 March 1661 who was MP for Hythe (Hampshire) in 1621 and 1624). Zouche also owned land in Lockerley and East Dean. The years do not quite add up and further research is needed.

During this period Lockerley manor appears to correspond to Lockerley Water Farm which lies across the road from the Ford Mill. It should not be confused with Lockerley Hall nor, it would seem, with the place currently called Lockerley Manor which lies between Mount Lane and Pains Hill.