artseenlogo darka09tnArtSeen  is a Romsey based art group with some 12 members. Their work can be seen in their shows such as the annual show at Hilliers Pavilion, the Hampshire Artists Open Studios and two to three times each year in the Green Room at Romsey's Plaza theatre during a run of performances.

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Most Thursdays the ArtSeen Group meets at Lockerley Village Hall - the obvious exceptions are when the group is supporting one of its major shows. We would welcome newcomers to join us. Yes, there is a charge which is £5 for a normal day and this runs from 1000 through to 1530 and this helps us to cover the cost of the hire of the hall for the day - check out the ArtSeen website.

So ... what happens? ...Well, there are tables set up in the hall and you ... well, paint and draw! There's a fully supportive crew on hand - we are all progressing. There's no teacher but, at the end of the day, we usually line up the works we've been labouring on and allow each of us to comment constructively on what they can see.
Sometimes we hire a live model and we can run a life class - model fees will need to be covered so the fee may be higher. Life classes, as all classically trained artists will have experienced, are the peak of challenge and you are welcome to take place.

If you are interested use the contact us we'll give you the up to date gen.