walk14 tnwalk09 tnThe walking group was established in 2000 and has more than 60 regular adherents. It organises a walk roughly each month on a weekend day which usually breaks approximately half way at midday at a convenient pub. There's also a shorter series of weekday walks roughly each month - in the morning during winter months and in the evening in the summer month.  During the period of pandemia the structure of walks has been adapted particularly as pubs may not be open to large groups.

There is also an annual away event that is usually arranged over two to three days in an area some distance from the Lockerley area. In recent years we have visited Modbury (2020), Dunster (2019), Chepstow (2018), Bridport (2017), Brixham (2016), Shaftesbury (2014), Tarwith Sands (2013), Midhurst and Petworh (2012), Eastbourne and the Downs (2011), Lyme Regis (2009), Alresford (2007).  This year (2021) we shall be in the Weymouth area with around 30 of our members.

Each walk is usually announced in the newsletter and on the diary page (check it out now!). A well attended annual event is the AGM which sees a wide range of walkers come for the skittles and lunch - some of whom do the sporting thing and walk in the morning.

Footpaths around East Dean Hill

When the former RNAD Depot at Dean Hill was sold in 2005, very little effort was made beforehand to resolve the status of public Rights of Way which had existed before the land was compulsorily purchased in the 1930s. Thanks to the sterling efforts of East Dean Parish Council and a number of local people, Hampshire County Council [who are the Rights of Way authority and maintain the Definitive Map of RoWs] were finally persuaded to attempt to remedy this and eventually made an Order modifying the Definitive Map to include those footpaths and byways which were considered to have existed in the past.  However a public enquiry adjudicator ruled against this.  The argument seems to have been based partly on the changing understanding of the terms stopped and extinguished and the relationship with any formal applications that should have been made at the time.