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The Newsletter is posted through the letter box of every resident of the four villages comprising the united benefice - that's Lockerley, East Dean, East Tytherley and West Tytherley. It is monthly except for issues for July and August and for December and January. Most of the content comprises notices of upcoming events and encouragement to take part, some content is thanks and some relates to church activities. The current newsletter is available on this site in a web friendly form and our past newsletters can be browsed in the archive where they are available in PDF form.

The editors are interested to receive contributions for the the graphic at the top of the newsletter. There is a guidance note here which should provide all of the necessary information.

This website is partly a reflection of the newsletter and of the wider community. If there is a new event, a change of date or timing or other info that has missed the newsletter copy date - always the 15th of the preceding month - then it can be posted here and made available as a News Update.  There is also a small number of social media sites which carry up to date and fast changing content and queries. 

The web site has much more capacity than the print version and the web site admin will welcome articles especially if there are pictures included - any word processor format is welcome but not PDF (it's hard to extract the text elegantly). It's for the community so do help to make it also by the community.

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