mechanicals01 tnThis is one of Lockerley's most active groups and active in so many areas - the wide spread of areas in which engineers practise their skills from foundry, precision milling, electronics, laser cutting, bending, forming, surveying, steam it, pump it, nobble it, fettle it, heavy machinery, software, weld it, found it, lost it, rebuilding ... oh, name it and there'll be a member who does it.  Bring your challenges to us.  And check out our news updates for each year - see the side menu (which should show up on a real computer and may be hard to find on a smart? phone).

 Who are we?

We are a group of those interested in things mechancial but this should be taken broadly - very broadly.  The group has participants whose careers and interests cover civil engineering, blacksmithereen, electrical engineering, heavy engineering, hydraulics and more.  And, of course, models of all sorts from trains through to demonstration steam and other mechanical marvels - well, hence LMS, obvs!.  The group meets regularly on the first Monday of the month at the Lockerley coffee shop and for lunch about four times each year at a local hostelry.   All contributions and input on the various projects is welcomed and the group invites participants with every kind of engineering skill including civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic.  Notes are taken at each meeting and sent by email to each member so do check out the current and archive of notes, reports, visits and interesting times.