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New recruits are very much desired. Please enquire using the contact form on this page.
The bell ringers practice on the bells of St Johns and, from time to time, on the bells of other local churches.

Could you be a church bell ringer? Of course you could, if you can spare one evening a week from 1930 until 2130 to learn and practise your skills and then, on the occasional Sunday for half an hour to ring before the service at Lockerley or East Tytherley. No, you do not have to be strong; if you can push a child on a swing then that is strength enough. If you can drive, ride a bike or swim then you’ll have sufficient co-ordination.

Why not come along and meet the resident band? By the way, a band is the technical term for a group of bell ringers. You will find yourself in a warm supportive group who will carefully guide you through the first steps towards becoming a ringer. If you find that you do not have the aptitude or the desire to continue you can, at least, say “I had a go!”. We look forward to welcoming anyone over 11 years old so do contact me and talk over any further details which you would like. The Tower Captain is Gary Davies and his deputy is Jen Churchill. Contact the Tower Captain below.

In 2010, a project started to restore the frames and rehang the bells of West Tytherely so that they could be rung again – with the help of the Lockerley Mechanical Society. The first official ringing of the bells was at 3pm on Sunday 15th January 2012. The bells made it to the BBC’s “from Our Own Correspondent”.