Parish Elections 2023

Neighbourhood Community Plan

Mobile Phone Services

Some activities of the Parish Council are reported here.


Meeting 26 June 2023

Draft minutes are expected soon (29 June).  The PC published two documents relating to public access.  The first sets out the public rights to access the accounts and the second is the report of the annual review of governance and accountability for 2022/2023.

Meeting of May 2023

There are no  minutes yet of this meeting.

Meeting prior to the council elections

At least 60 parishioners attended the council meeting on 13 March 2023 and witnessed a maturely led and informative council meeting. The draft miinutes of the meeting can be read here


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Parish Elections May 2023

Consequent to this an election was arranged for 4 May 2023 in which those, having registered a desire to be elected, could be voted for.  There were seven vacancies but despite indications that a greater participation might take place only five parishioners registered and thus they were duly considered elected,  The parish council meeting on 15 May 2023  elected a chair - Jane Waller- this was the notice - and the agenda is also available here

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Neighbourhood and Community Plan

Parishioners were invited  to make known their interest in taking part, or even continue to be informed.  The contact details are on this page of the Lockerley website.

UPDATE 29 June

The Test Valley Borough Council - TVBC - has taken care, quite some effort and time to collate the views of a number of communities within their purview.  TVBC hosted a reveal event on Wednesday 28 June at Beech Hurst offices at which the fruit of their consultation was presented. A booklet is available which sets out the findings, drivers and concerns that were discussed.  These will form the structure of an action plan which TVBC is committed to taking forward over the next four years. 

Although it would seem that interest in many communities had abated what is becoming clear is that consistent effort by communities to continue to engage wioth the process is essential in order that what is delivbered will meet the expectaions of each community. TVBC hopes tht PC's and theri communities will engage with this long ongoing process to make it successful for future members of each community.

Mobile Phone Services

Information relating to various planning activities can be accessed on the Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) website click here to go to the page.  The planning seems to be focused more on the implementation of 5G for enablng smart meter operators than it is on the provision of a reliable 3G and 4G telephone service for a rural area.  In a rural area such as Lockerley most households have access to broadband services most of which, these days, offer WiFi calling with modern smart phones and, to a great degree, this obviates the pressure to provide conventional 3G and 4G services for home owners.  It does not, of course, resolve the issue for motorists and delivery providers. 

See also What3Words as it is a lot more accurate a way if indicating where you are or where a delivery should be made. 

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