bridge02 tnThe Bridge club meets sometimes on a Thursday evening in the reading room of Lockerley Village Hall starting at 1930 during the dark night seasons. The club is truly open to all from beginners through to local competition standard and draws its participants from a much wider area than just Lockerley - all comers are truly welcome.

 The bidding and playing follows the English Standard System which is based on Acol. If you are thinking of learning or are just starting out you may find a large number of references using the internet. However real printed books sometimes are worth having to hand and a number of us have found that Andrew Robson's writings to be really approachable from the very start (try Need To Know Bridge, Collins ISBN-13: 978-0-00-723402) through to a number of helpful improvement guides so perhaps check out Andrew Robson's website.

At Lockerley most bridge evenings are structured with a couple of hands dealt and played at each table followed by a couple of prepared hands. A guided review of the play of the prepared hands may be followed by further dealt hands or possible set of hands which will be played by each table present in turn. At other evenings the playing is at a social level though it is based on the tactics of duplicate (competition) bridge rather than rubber bridge. It's fun to see how differently things can turn out! And we note also that the experts seldom agree! Most evenings will usually have a local bridge guru present and there's an attendance subscription of 2£ which covers the hire of the room and refreshment costs.

During the period of pandemia many of the members have fround that bridgebaseonline provides a handy way keeping your hand in (as the saying do go).  Many members also take part in the Awbridge bridge club which has regular meetings in Awbridge village hall.

Contact the bridge group using the form below , we look forward to meeting you.