lock1805 01 tnLockerley’s four major greens and commons are major amenity assets providing a focal centre for the communities living around them. The recreational and social life of the village is woven around them.

The Lockerley Greens Preservation Society was formed to ensure that they stay that way; open spaces preserved from development or mis-use. Of the four main greens the Lockerley Parish Council owns Lockerley and Butts greens whilst the other two are privately owned by a local farming family.

Despite greens and commons being amply protected by laws and Acts of Parliament, sometimes going back several centuries, no public body is charged by parliament with the responsibility of defending them against encroachment or abuse. Their protection depends mostly upon the willingness of the green owner or of private citizens to take legal action. Most small greens and commons produce little or no income for their owners - they can be more of a liability than an asset - and they have minimal capital value. This gives little incentive to the owner to take expensive legal action to defend them. On the other hand they can have a priceless value to a community by providing open spaces for numerous communal activities - just as the Lockerley greens do.  This PDF link provides some outline and examples of the rights relating to declared village greens. 

The society closed in 2020 and donated its funds to the Parish Council with the requirement that it should be used for the benefit of the greens.  The Parish Council has yet to produce a strategy for the protection of the greens.