There is a wide range of socially active groups operating within and about Lockerley. The groups that are described in these menu options comprise those that are active fairly frequently thoughout the year. Some are clearly seasonal - the Carnival and the Fete - and others are dormant but have, nonetheless, added much in the past to the community - such as the Mid Thorngate Society and the New Year Show.

Such dormant or sleeping groups may simply be waiting, like Snow White, for a charmer to come along and breathe new life into the group. If you are interested then do make contact with the web site admin and we'll see together, how to network success. And there are plentiful reasons why new groups may start up and serve an interest or a need within the community.... the community is what we all make it - Ubuntu.  Additionally, the current pandemia has resulted in a number of groups opearting using resources such as Zoom and Skype.

And don't forget that there may be a number of social media groups that will reflect up to the minute interaction, news and neighbourhood offers and assistance.  Check out your FaceBook, InstaGram, TikTok and so on.