firstlogo tnHave you ever wondered how you would cope, if you dialled 999 in an emergency and an ambulance did not arrive for nearly an hour? This is what happened in Lockerley and a man, who had a heart attack, died. As a result of this tragedy a group of First Responders was formed in Lockerley in 2002.
Now called Community Responders, they are trained by the Ambulance Service and their role is to give first aid until an ambulance arrives. The equipment they carry includes oxygen and a defibrillator. As well as initial training, Responders have re-training every 6 months to keep up to date. When called out, they aim to arrive at an emergency within eight minutes. When the group started up local people were fantastic in raising money for our equipment, so our greatest need at the moment is for more volunteers.
We would like to be able to provide 24 hour cover for our villages, but we do not have enough members to do so. So if you are fit, willing to train in first aid, would like to join a team to help your community and can spare some hours each week to be on call, we shall be delighted to hear from you.
The Lockerley group covers Lockerley, East Dean and Carters Clay . To contact the Community Responders - aka First Responders use the adjacent form.

defibrillator 01tnLockerley's Publicly Available Defibrillators

This is located in the door way of the Lockerley Village hall. Instructions on how to access the apparatus and how to use it are set out an an adjacent panel.

A second defibrillator which was provided through local fundraising  is located outside the village shop on Lockerley Green.